Station Obscura is an original short story podcast in the drama and suspense/thriller genres. Each story has only three episodes (10-15 minutes per episode) to captivate the audience. Our audio editors and sound designer will create the immersive audio experience to bring your story to life!


We are looking for stories in the sci-fi, horror, thriller genres. They should deal with realistic human issues and ideas. 

13 + 7 =


Round 1: Entry

Submit your synopsis for the story. Please send in an editable document form (preferably Word). 

Round 2: Semi-Final

If your idea is selected to move forward, you will be asked to submit a complete draft of your first episode along with a detailed breakdown of episodes 2 and 3, a full character list for the entire three episode series (speaking roles only). Each of these documents must be submitted in an editable format (preferably Word). 

Scripts must be 10-16 pages per episode and  do not have to be written for audio. Any episode 1 script that is longer than 20 pages will not be considered. 

Round 3: Final Selection!

Congratulations! If your story reaches this round, you will receive $900 for your three-part scripts and a portion of merchandise sales & sponsorships once the show releases. 

Note: Station Obscura does not own the rights to your idea, your story, nor any other part of it until contracts are signed.

Station Obscura